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Feijoada Completa Pt 2
Zutaten für 12 Portionen Menge anpassen
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 See part 1
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Portuguese for Bean. Black beans are the most favored, although other varieties are used in some parts of Brazil. Other standard ingredients include a variety of sausages, sun dried beef called seca, fresh pork, cured pork, bacon, smoked tongue, and a pig's foot, tail, and ears. An addition favored by some cooks is a cup or tow of orange juice included in the liquid in which the beans are cooked.

Although recipes vary slightly, the serving ritual does not. Feijoada is an event and the presentation is all important. The result is a magnificent spread, a groaning board in every sense of the term, and a convivial party feast. The meats are served on a large platter, the beans in a tureen, and the accompaniments, each in a separate dish are arranged around the two main dishes. Traditionally the diners serve themselves, placing all the food on a single plate. A large plate, one that is not too flat, is obviously best suited to the occasion. A salad of hearts of palm, for which it is acceptable to provide a second plate, is frequently served with the Feijoada.

Many Brazilians drink cachaca before and during the meal. This is a local, strong, white sugarcane rum that they consume undiluted and considered a digestive as well as a festive libation. In fact, diners who claim to have eaten their fill are urged to drink a little more cachaca and to eat another orange slice or two, an act of indulgence guaranteed to make them hungry enough to eat a little more meat and beans. For those who are not connoisseurs of straight cachaca, a Batida paulista(Rum Cocktail) is more palatable and is still authentic. It calls for the addition of lemon or lime juice and sugar to the cachaca. Although this cocktail is a delightful introduction to the feast, when it comes time to eat, many devotees of Feijoada prefer a chilled beer as they make their way through the meal. It takes time - and organization - and a few large pots - to prepare Feijoada Completa, but it is not difficult. Most of the work can be done ahead. There are many steps, but none of them is hard to do.

Side Dishes: Sliced oranges. Chili and Lemon Sauced fresh onion rings Latin American White Rice Kale Greens Mineira Style, Spinach or chard may be substituted Toasted Manioc (yucca, tapioca) with butter

feature it for Saturday Lunch, the preferred time to eat it on home turf. It is not a meal for two, but it is perfect for a big, informal gathering. I think it is especially fine on a cold and windy day but Brazilians eat it with gusto whatever the weather. The recipe this recipe would probably feed 8 or 10 people in Brazil. It would probably serve at least 10 or 12 Americans if not more. Feijoada is substantial fare and its side dishes are filling too.

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