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Easter Pie
Zutaten für 8 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
3/4 x ca. 450 gCrisco 5 Egg yolks
2 1/2 TasseFlour 2 tb Or 3 of sugar
3 x ca. 450 gRicotta 1 Grated rind of 1 or more
Whole eggs Lemons
Extra whites 1 tb Vanilla
1/2 TasseSugar or more 2 tb Liqueur
die Zubereitung:

Crust: Mix Crisco shortening with flour, cutting it in with pastry blender or two knives until you get beads like small peass. Mix in the egg yolks and sugar. Knead a little bit to get it to hang together. Add more flour if you have to. Don't play with it! Put in the refrigerator while you do the rest. Filling: A lot depends on the ricotta here. Supermarket ricotta must be drained of whey. Italian cheese stores and delis throughout the city (Philly) especially at this season, sell handmade ricotta, which makes a denser and creamier cake. It coasts about $2.00 more for 3 lbs. "I use Tia Maria, Grand Marnier, Amaretto, whatever liqueur I feel like depending on my many moods", says Nanny Giordano. Beat up the eggs good with sugar, mix in lemon, vanilla and liqueur, then mix with cheese." Beat it up nice, don't go" Johanna flings her hands around aimlessly." Get It Smooth". Use a deep ovenproof glass.I used a 2" deep, 13" oval dish from France, Arcuisine d'Arcopal. Nanny doesn't bother, but I rubbed the surface with a little shortening to prevent sticking. Take dough from refrigerator. "Can you roll it out? Yes but don't bother "Take pieces in your hands and plaster the inside of the dish, more or less lumpily smooth. Pour in filling. Bake in a slow oven, at 325 deg. "until it's done. About 1 hour. It'll set and puff. You'll see. "I made this recipe. I saw. It works.You may have more or less chese left over, depending on your baking dish and your ricotta.But it will work... This is the recipe of Johanna Guarracino as told to Jim Quinn of the Inqir.

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