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Rael's Purty Darn Good Redbean-N-Rice Burritos Adobo
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die Zutaten:
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die Zubereitung:

Seriously good. Just made these puppies. Use leftover Rb&R, preferably (always better the next day, ya know). Anywho, heat the leftovers up, getchya a couple o' three tortillas, grease 'em up well with your favorite hotsauce(s), throw in a nice amount of the Rb&R, some sauteed red onions (saute 'em up in some balsamic vin. For a strange, but good, flavor(-ing)), roll that baby up, cover it in some adobo sauce, hit it with some jack cheese, if desired, mind you, bake, serve, eat, belch, and thank El Grande for chiles and thank any other higher power you may subscribe to for food in general. Could throw a nice fruity salsa in there with it <he thinks, eyeing some canned pineapple....hmmm...>

Belch again, if desired.

Nothing special, nothing exotic, but damned if they don't go down good...

Peace, Hendrix, and CHiles.......

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