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Salmon Patties
Zutaten für 4 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
1 x ca. 450 gSalmon, canned (either pink or red)
1 Prisesalt
1 kleinonions diced
1/4 TasseBread crumbs, plain or spiced
1 Teelöffellemon juice
die Zubereitung:

Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl. Form into patties about 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick and 2 1/2 - 3 inches diameter. This should make about 8 patties. Fry in oil or butter until brown and crispy, or bake in a well-greased pan at 400 degrees until brown (about 15 minutes).

* Snack or Main Course - This is a very nice finger food, great for lunch on a hike. Or they can be served hot as a main course.

* I usually make a double batch.

* These are great either hot or cold. If you take them out of the freezer in the morning and put them in your backpack, they'll be just right by lunchtime.


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