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Naan (Punjabi Leavened Bread)
Zutaten für 8  Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
 1.00 tb Yeast
3/4 Tassewater Lukewarm
 3.00 ts Sugar
1/2 TasseYoghurt
 1.00 Egg, beaten
1/4 TasseMelted ghee or butter
 2.00 ts Salt
3 1/2 TasseUnbl. flour (approx)
 2.00 tb Poppy seeds or kalonji
die Zubereitung:

In sm. Bowl sprinkle yeast over 1/4 c warm water with 1t sugar

dissolved in it, leave to soften a few min then stir and leave in a

warm place till frothy. Stir yogurt till smooth, then mix 1/4 c of

it with rest of sugar, the remaining water, egg, melted ghee and

salt. Stir into yeast mix.

Put 2 c flour in a bowl, make a well and pour in liquid mix, beating

well with a wooden spoon till it's a smooth batter. Add remaining

flour a little at a time till you are kneading with your hands and

the dough is stiff. Knead for 10 - 15 min till dough is smooth and

elastic, using as little extra flour as possible. Form dough to a

ball, put into an oiled bowl, turn the dough to oil surface, cover

with a cloth and leave in a warm place till doubled.

Punch down dough, divide into 8 balls and leave to rest 10 min.

Preheat oven to 450. Put two ungreased baking sheets in to preheat.

Pat dough to circles keeping them thin in the centre and thicker

around rim then pull one end outwards to make teardrop shape. They

should be a handspan long and little more than 1/2 as wide at base.

Brush with remaining yoghurt and sprinkle with desired seeds. Put 2

or 3 loaves on each baking tray and bake 10 min. Or till gold and

puffed. If naan is not brown enough put under a preheated grill a

minute or two. Serve warm or cool.

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