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Zutaten für 100 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
2 Teelöffel---
22 x ca. 450 gBeef Ground Fz
6 x ca. 450 gCheese Chedder
2 TeelöffelGarlic Dehy Gra
3 ca. 1 LiterTomatoes # 10 Can
6 x ca. 450 glettuce fresh
3 x ca. 450 gonions dry
3 x ca. 450 gonions dry
200 Taco Shell
2 1/3 TasseFlour Gen Purpose 10LB
2 TeelöffelSugar; Granulated 10 Lb
1 Teelöffelred pepper ground
1 TassePepper Pickle Jalap
9 1/3 Teelöffelchilli powder
4 EsslöffelSalt Table 5LB
2 TeelöffelSalt Table 5LB
die Zubereitung:

Temperature: 350 F. Deep Fat

1. Prepare 1 Recipe Taco Sauce (Recipe No. 025000). Set Aside For Step 7.

2. Cook Beef In Its Own Fat Until Beef Loses Its Pink Color; Stir To Break Apart. Drain Or Skim Off Excess Fat.

3. Add Garlic.

4. Combine Salt, Red Pepper, Cumin, Chili Powder, And Flour; Add To Meat. Saute 5 Minutes. Set Aside For Use In Step 6.

5. Fry Each Tortilla 15 Seconds. Drain On Absorbent Paper. Fold In Half.

6. Place 1/4 Cup (1-No. 16 Scoop) Meat Filling In Each Tortilla; Line Up Next To Each Other In Steam Table Pan. Cover; Keep Warm.

7. Just Before Serving, Top Each Taco With Cheese, Lettuce, Onions, And 1 Tbs Taco Sauce.

And Fry With Beef.

Tortillas. Fold Tortillas; Place In Taco Rack. Bake 8 To 10 Minutes In 425 F. Oven Until Crisp. Fat Or Oil Is Not Necessary. Do Not Used Canned Tortillas.

Shredded Lettuce And 3 Lb 5 Oz Dry Onions A.P. Will Yield 3 Lb Chopped Onions.


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