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Name Game Herb Garden (Kh)
Zutaten für 1 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
Aluminum sheet cake pan
5 x ca. 450 gBag potting soil
 Seeds of your favorite herbs
 (chives are best for this)
die Zubereitung:

Instead of planting herbs in a flower pot, try sowing the seeds in an aluminum sheet cake pan (approx. 13x9x2) with special drainage holes punched in the bottom. Simply fill the tray with potting soil and then trace your name with your finger on the surface of the soil. Make the letters large, 4" to 6". Now plant your seeds along the traced row you made with your finger. Gently push the seeds into the soil and place in a warm dry spot, a window sill is perfect. Water daily (be sure to place old newspaper under the tray to absorb the water running off). Soon tiny sprouts will be peaking up through the soil in the shape of your name. When the herbs are 3" to 5" tall, you're ready to present the whole tray at your next party, so that your guests may help themselves to fresh herbs, in your honor.

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