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very-low-fat vegetarian starter's kit, containing recipes and other information (category "text") collected from a variety of computer sources, and our own experiences. The category marked "family approved" are recipes we use regularly, that we all like. The others were collected, but for the most part have not been tried.

For a great collection of recipes, we recommend michelle dick's www. Fatfree. Com, and the Usenet newsgroup alt. Food. Fat-free.

This type of diet was recommended by our cardiologist to help reverse Merle's heart disease. Whether it is working for that is not yet known, but we both Do feel healthier eating this way.

Also, we find the food very satisfying and filling, but low-calorie enough to allow for significant weightloss . And eating this way is getting easier all the time. If you walk Slowly through the grocery store each week, you will see new "Fat-Free" food items each week, increasing your choices.

Merle & Deb Steelman steelman@execpc. Com 10/2/95

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