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Academy Award Crab Cakes
Zutaten für 12 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
1 x ca. 450 gDungeness crab meat; picked over (lump crab meat is ok)
2 TeelöffelOld bay seasoning
1/4 Teelöffelthyme ground
1/2 Teelöffelmustard dry
1/4 Teelöffelwhite pepper ground
1/4 TeelöffelCayenne pepper powder; optional
3 Esslöffelmayonnaise
2 TeelöffelWorcestershire Sauce
1/4 TasseFine dry breadcrumbs; unseasoned
egg beaten
3 EsslöffelSliced green onions or fresh cilantro; whichever you prefer
2 x ca. 30 gCrab fat; (if available and optional)
die Zubereitung:

In a large bowl gently fold all the ingredients together adding the bread crumbs last. Try not to break the crab meat up into small pieces. Depending on how moist the crab mixture is you may want to use less. The less bread crumbs you can use as a binder the better the crab cakes are in my opinion. I would not add more than a quarter cup. Chill the mixture covered 1 or 2 hours in the refrigerator and they will form a better cake when you are ready cook them. This is very important. Not only will they form a better cake but the consistency will be nicer. To cook use enough mixture to form a large silver dollar sized cake and saute lightly in oil about 1/2 inch deep ( I prefer a good olive oil ) until golden brown, turning once. These can be served hot or cold as a main entree or appetizer. Makes about 12 cakes depending on the size.

prefer Dungeness crab meat but will use Blue Crab select lump meat when available. This is my favorite crab cake as of this writing. I am beginning to use Japanese Panko in my crab cakes as it seems to be lighter. (Japanese bread crumbs)

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