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Aceitunas Con Mojo (Olives W/mojo Sauce)
Zutaten für 1 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
2000 GrammOlives
Head of garlic
Red paprika (fresh one) = pimienta colorada picona = (foodwinos you know well)
Spoon pimenton = red powder paprika)
Spoon cumins
1 kleinBuquet of parsley
 olive oil
die Zubereitung:

*this mojo sauce I have already supplied. It is very easy.

Note this pre-arrangements: clean olives, make 3 short cuts in olives from top to bottom, very simple. Put the oilives in water with salt during 10/14 days for purging, have a look every 4/5 days. After this process, get the olives out of water and put them in a recipient...-

In a mortar make a sauce with all ingredients excluding oregon and thyme. This must be well mashed. Put olives in a recipent where you are going to keep for serving and add a little of water... Add the above sauce -mojo- and cover the olives with oregon and thyme... Wait 3/4 days to taste...

We do from our olive tree the same, but we mash the olives with a kitchen wooden hammer, olives are covered with a clean rag... keeping them in water with 1 lemon in two parts, with laurel, pepper grains, for 10/14 days... the same as baove.

The sauce is a little different: Garlic + black pepper + oregon + thyme + some almonds very well mashed + 1 lemon in 3/4 parts + laurel, oilve, vinegar, water... keeping the olives in this sauce for some days before serving

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