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Aebleskiver #1
Zutaten für 6 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
250 Grams flour
437 1/2 MilliliterLight cream or milk
25 Grams yeast
1 Teelöffelsugar
die Zubereitung:

A couple of months back there was a discussion on how to make Aebleskiver. As a lover of Aebleskiver it really hurt me to see how "distorted" some of these reci pes were. So when I bought the book "Mad", by Ingeborg Suhr from 1942 I decided to enlighten you poor netters. The following three recipes are from the country where Aebleskiver originated and are the "real thing". Although Ingeborg Suhr does not say anything about it I would suggest serving with either sifted confectioners sugar, blackberry jam or both. At Christmas I would suggest serving with glogg.

Sift flour with sugar and salt. Mix yeast with lukewarm cream (or milk). Add eggs (one at a time). Combine all of the previous. Leave for approximately 2 hours to raise. Bake in Aebleskiver pan to golden brown at low heat.

not be heated and the Aebleskiver should be baked at once. A little apple sauce or pieces of apple could be added while baking.


(Mads H|Jbjerg Toftum)

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