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Cajun-Style Red Beans and Brown Rice
Zutaten für 9 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
1 x ca. 450 gDried pinto beans
2 Tasseyellow onion chopped
1 Tassegreen onions chopped
1 Tassegreen bell pepper chopped
1/2 Teelöffelgarlic minced
1/4 TeelöffelRed cayenne pepper
3/4 Teelöffelblack pepper ground
1/2 Teelöffelsalt
1/4 Teelöffeloregano
1/4 Teasppon garlic powder
1 EsslöffelWorcestershire Sauce
3 Prisetabasco sauce
6 x ca. 30 gCan of tomato paste
1/4 Teelöffelthyme
1 TeelöffelCelery flakes
6 Tassebrown rice Cooked
die Zubereitung:

(This is real good and hot, so you may want to tone down hot spices and add them last, to taste, if you can't tolerate the spicy heat.)

Wash beans and then soak for 12 hours. (I never soak beans and never have any gas unless I eat them with milk.)

Drain water. Fill a large pot with beans; add water to 1/2 inch above beans level. Add remaining ingredients except rice; cook over low heat 2 to 2 1/2 hours, covered. Serve over cooked brown rice.

77 percent carbohydrate 18 percent protein

I got this recipe from the January 94 issue of Shape magazine, in an article about the Cooper Clinic (I believe it's in Texas). I didn't want to post without trying first, So last weekend I tried it and it's wonderful!

mingram@madam. West. Sun. Com (Judy Mingram - SunSelect)

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