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Magret De Canard Marine Et Grille, Avec Choux Vert Au Ginger
Zutaten für 1 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
4 grossDuck breasts; (either Aylesbury or
 Barbary) boned and
Stick celery
9 x 30 mlBrown veal stock; (225ml)
 Half medium sized green cabbage; finely sliced
1 EsslöffelGround nut oil
1 kleinClov garlic; finely8 chopped
Inch; (2.5cm) piece fresh
 Root ginger, peeled
 And grated
 chicken stock
 vegetable oil
4 Esslöffelhoney
4 Esslöffelshallots chopped
4 EsslöffelGrated fresh root ginger
4 Esslöffelolive oil
4 Esslöffelsherry dry
4 Esslöffelsoy sauce
die Zubereitung:


Mix all the marinade ingredients together, chopped ginger, shallots, orange peel, dry Sherry, honey and good quality Soy sauce and olive oil.

Cut the skin of breast of duck in slices (not the meat). It enables the marinade to penetrate evenly.

Place the duck in marinade for 12 hours. Add seasoning and salt, then duck is ready.


Put the marinated duck on kitchen roll to dry off and season the mid part with salt.

Heat ground nut oil (or vegetable oil) in frying pan until very hot - i. E. to the point of being blue.

Put the duck in the frying pan, very carefully (skinside down) and leave it very hot. (The skin will not burn because there is Sherry in the marinade, even though it turns the skin black.) Leave for approx 3 minutes, keep control of the gas, do not worry about the smoke - wait until the skin is black.

Turn over the duck breast, leave for 1 minute, then skim fat off.

Take fat off the frying pan and place the pan in the grill for approx 8 minutes, until slightly pink. It needs to be a firm texture which needs to be checked with hands.

Take duck out of grill and take fat off again and leave in frying pan for 20 minutes (until pink all over).


Put a little bit of brown veal stock into a frying pan. Add the marinade from the duck and add dry sherry. Add butter and reduce sauce to taste.

Put through a sieve.


Grate potatoes (uncooked) on large holes of grater. Heat some vegetable oil in a frying pan and place the mould in the pan. Push the grated potato into the mould (pack in tightly) and cook for 15 minutes.

When underneath is crisp and golden brown, turn over and cook other side.


Cut the carrots, celery and leeks into a julienne and blanch them (i. E. put in water with salt, brought to boil and strained). Saut, the ginger (which has been chopped and blanched) and garlic in vegetable oil until it begins to colour and add the shredded cabbage.

Add a little bit of chicken stock to moisten. Cover and cook until tender (approx 2 minutes).


Place a little of the warm julienne of vegetables in the middle of each serving plate. Slice the duck and orange on top.

Add a mound of cabbage to each plate and pour round some of the sauce.

Serve with potatoes.

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