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Nathalie Dupree on Pie Dough Design
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Making decorative edges: Decorating the rim of pies is a snap. There are many pretty variations. The easiest

is simply a pinched edge. To do this, make a 'V' with the thumb and pointing finger

of one hand, placed next to the rim. Insert the pointing finger of the other hand

and pinch in, move a 'V' length away on the rim and repeat until top rim of the pie

is uniformly done. Another popular rim is made with a fork. Just press the back of a fork around the


For a snappy design if you have extra dough, brush the rim with water or egg, and

add your favorite cutouts the size of the rim-leaves, hearts, diamonds, apples, etc. Chill well.

To make a lattice crust for a double-crust pie, use a knife or a pastry wheel and

cut strips of equal width-anywhere from 1 to 3 inches wide-from the portion of the

dough you have reserved for the top crust (the strips should be longer than the diameter of the pie pan). Chill about 1/2 hour. After you have filled the bottom

crust, weave the strips over the filling, pressing firmly at the rim before decorating the edges. Chill again.

Jam glazes for fruit tarts: The simplest way to dress up a fruit tart is to use a jam glaze. The traditional

ones are red currant for red fruits and apricot for green or yellow fruits, but any

jam or jelly can be used-raspberry, strawberry, wine jellies, etc. Melt the jam or

jelly over low heat. If thick and full of fruit, add a little water. If very sweet,

add lemon juice. Strain, reserving fruit for some other use. Place strained mixture

back in a saucepan and melt. Add water or lemon juice to get to the desired consistency for brushing. Bring to the boil. Using a pastry brush, brush the fruit

once it has been arranged decoratively in the precooked pie shell. Such glazes are

used for an apple tart when the apples have been cooked in a bottom round or a freeform crust, as well as for raw fruits, such as berries or kiwi in a prebaked


Dough slipping or shrinking: If you have trouble with your double crusts slipping, you may be stretching your

top crust, or it may not be adhering properly. To correct, before putting on the

top crust, cut out a strip of dough slightly wider than the rim of the pie pan, brush the edge of the pie crust with water, affix the strip of dough, brush with

water to adhere again, then cover with the top crust, press all together, flute,

and decorate the pie.

Scanned and messed with my Brenda Adams <adamsfmle@sprintmail. Com>.

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