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Danish Diamond (Danish Do
Zutaten für 100 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
2 Tassewater
21 7/8 x ca. 450 g---
eggs shell
1 3/4 x ca. 30 gMilk; Dry Non-Fat L Heat
14 x ca. 450 gPie Fil Apple #10
die Zubereitung:

Pan: 18 By 26" Sheet Pan Temperature: 375F. Oven

1. Prepare 50 Danish Squares In A Batch. Thaw At Room Temperature 5 Minutes

On A Lightly Floured Board. (No Rolling Out Is Necessary).

2. Prepare One Recipe Egg Wash (Recipe N0. D-55). Use 1 1/2 Cups Egg Wash To Lightly Brush Entire Surface Of Danish Squares. Set Aside Remaining 1 1/2

Cups Egg Wash For Use In Step 5.

3. Place 2 Tbsp Filling In Center Of Each Square. Fold Lower Left Corner To

Center; Fold Upper Right Corner Over Top Of First Corner. Press Firmly To Seal. Repeat By Folding Lower Right Corner To Center; Press Firmly To Seal;

Fold Upper Left Corner To Center; Press Tip To Seal (See Illustration).

4. Place Squares On Greased Sheet Pans In Rows 4 By 6.

5. Brush Lightly With Remaining Egg Wash.

6. Proof At 90F To 100F For 30-45 Minutes Or Until Double In Size.

7. Bake 10-12 Minutes In 375F. Oven Or Until Golden Brown.

8. Cool. Glaze, If Desired, With Vanilla Glaze Or Variations (Recipe No. D-46).

May Be Used In Step 3. Strawberry Jam (15 Lb 6 Oz (6 2/3 No. 2 1/2 Cn Or 8-2 Lb Jar)) Or 16 Lb 8 Oz (2-No. 10 Cn) Bakery Filling, Raspberry May Also Be Used As Filling.

2. Dough Becomes Difficult To Wrk With In As Little As 15 Minutes; Therefore, It Is Important To Prepare In Batches.

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