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Outlaw Chile Rellenos
Zutaten für 48 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
Fresh anaheim chiles(may usecanned
1/2 TeelöffelDried mexican oregano
1 EsslöffelPowdered garlic
1 Esslöffelwater
4 TasseBread crumbs, fresh or store bought
1/4 parmesan grated
1/4 x ca. 450 gMonterey jack or jalape±o cheese, sliced 3/4 inch thick
1/2 TasseFlour seasoned with a little salt and pepper
die Zubereitung:

Chef Roberto Garcia: In my family we had no such laws governing the consumption or use of chiles, but perhaps we should have. My grandmother's remedy for a sty was to rub it with the tip of a fresh jalape±o pepper. Ouch! My brothers and I learned quickly to look down at our shoes while walking near our grandmother. The following recipe for chile rellenos is not hot, but it is very delicious and easy to prepare. However, don't get caught eating them in Cloud, California. You may be charged with "willful negligence, " for eating chiles during a worship service. Just to be sure, you'd better check with your local municipality for any "unruly chile laws" in your community. If using fresh chiles, first blister them in the oven or use your favorite method. Remove the skins. Cut a small slit in the chile's base and scoop out the seeds with a tablespoon and discard them (canned chiles are already peeled and seeded). In a medium-sized mixing bowl, mix the eggs, oregano, garlic and water until well-blended. On a large plate or piece of wax paper, thoroughly mix the bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese. Place the flour on a smaller plate or use a piece of wax paper. Butter or grease a cookie sheet. Put a stick of cheese into each chile. One at a time, dust each chile with flour, dip them into the egg batter, and place the chile on top of the bread crumbs. Pat the chiles with the bread crumbs, making sure the entire chile has been covered. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Place the chiles on the greased cookie sheet. Drizzle the butter the chiles and bake for 20 minutes. Serve with rice and beans. íProvecho!

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