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Fabric Bags for Pancake Mix
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For fabric bag for Almond Pancake Mix: Use 10 1/2"by 40" fabric piece. With right sides together and matching short edges, fold fabric in half. Finger press folded edge (bottom of bag). Using a 1/4" seam allowance and thread to match fabric, ser sides of bag together. Press top edge of bag 5" to wrong side. For bag with flat bottom, match each side seam to fold line at bottom of bag: sew across each corner 1" from point. Turn bag right side out. For label on bag: Follow manufacturer's instructions to apply paper-backed fusible web to wrong side of a 4" square of white fabric; cut a 2"x3" piece from fused fabric. Use a permanent felt-tip pen to write on label and draw a line around edge. Fuse label to bag. Put mix into a plastic bag and insert into fabric bag. Tie an 18" length of 1/2" wide ribbon into a bow around top of bag.

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